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Folsom Street Fair 2016


The word for the day at the Folsom Street Fair was “shade”.  Not the kind you throw, but as in get out of the direct sun.  It was a scorcher out there.  Even with the temps hovering in the upper 80’s to low 90’s, kinksters of all types came to celebrate and hang out with friends.

Organizers said more than 300,000 leather aficionados made it to the 33rd annual leather-loving, BDSM-loud-and-proud fair. Most stripped off their street clothes as soon as they passed through the entrance gates. Folsom is the place where everyone’s free to be who they want to be. Its a celebration of all things sexual.  The fair annually draws visitors from around the world, and is the third-largest street event in California, after the Tournament of Roses Parade and the San Francisco Pride parade. Each year, net proceeds from Folsom Street Fair, including gate donations and beverage sales, are given to qualified local charities (“beneficiaries”). These include charities working in public health, human services, and the arts, as well as beverage partners. The event regularly generates over $300,000 annually for charity.

Here is a link to this year’s batch of photos from Folsom.  If you were there, take a look and if you missed it, take a look to see some of the sexiness and craziness that is the Folsom Street Fair. If you want to keep up with what’s happening in the leather community here a couple of great resources, The Leather Journal and if you are on Facebook, join Race’s Bar.

Folsom Street Fair 2015


This was the 32nd annual Folsom Street Fair and it was attended by an enthusiastic crowd of leathermen, drag queens, doms and subs, voyeurs, tourists and more.  I really wonder what brings the tourists.  Are they looking for information, or do they get off on being suburban suzie surrounded by all the kink?  As an example, there was a very hot muscled man, in just his tight fitting boxer briefs and boots with a couple of women and another guy.  His friends were all dressed in street cloths, so that made me wonder why they were at Folsom St.  I should have just gone up to him and asked.

Whatever brought the large crowd of around 400,000, it was lots of fun and the weather was perfect.  It was warm enough that if you wanted to be naked, it was very comfortable.  Here are some highlights from the day.


Boys, Beer & Gear – Folsom Weekend @ Mr S Leather


If its Folsom Weekend, then Mr S Leather is having an in-store party with lots of boys, beer and gear.  As the guys shop and enjoy themselves, lots of them just drop their pants and have a good time.  Here are the photos.

Folsom Street Fair 2014

There has been a lot of discussion about the lack of leather at the Folsom Street Fair, but as I look through my photos there are still plenty of men wearing leather.  Of course the street fair is about celebrating fetishes and kinks, no matter what they may be. It seems that the definition of what is kinky or a fetish has grown to include many more including sports gear, rubber and neoprene, furry costumes, cosplay and so on.  There were a number of drag queens walking the fair and they seemed to garner the most attention at times.  There were several that were amazing! drew large crowds to their performances of BDSM as did Mr S Leather.  The wrestlers were another favorite, as hot, sweaty guys grappled with each other and invited audience participation.  Wrestling singlets have become very popular as fetish wear, so it was often hard to tell who was into wrestling and who just liked the look.

The stage by the SF Eagle was dotted with flaggers or flow artists and was spectacular.  The movement and color was a great addition to the music and was fun to watch.  Below are a couple of photos by Some Men Photography that show some of the diversity of the fair.  To see more photos, here is a link to Some Men Photography gallery.

IMG_2612 IMG_2362


Mr S Leather Store Party 2014 – Friday

Mr S Leather extended their usual pre-folsom store party to include Friday and Saturday before Folsom.  There were lots of men from around the world in town for Folsom and many stopped in at Mr S to find a new outfit or accessory for the Sunday street fair. Its always fun to see the guys at the street fair and see what they decided to wear and what new gear the picked up at Mr S. The store party is a preview of what you will see on Sunday, but without the tourists. Just lots of hot men getting trying on leather and gear to see what looks good on them.  Follow the link here to see more photos from the store party.


Sexy Leathermen Holding Hands


Folsom Street Fair – XXX



The leather pride banners lining Market Street are a great reminder that the Folsom Street Fair is happening on the last Sunday in September. The banners made their first appearance for the 25th Folsom Street Fair and this year it turned 30 and what a party it was. Community connection, fetish sexuality and philanthropy all rolled into one event. There was all kinds of BDSM play, adult games and over 200 vendors bringing their kinky products and services to the attendees. Despite some commercialization, this event remains focused on the kink community. There are no politicians, no banks, and no grocery stores there. It’s all about fetishes, leather and sex. And yes, I saw some guys having some fun here and there. If you like leather, sex and kinky play, by all means follow this link to see what I am talking about.

Folsom St Fair 2012

How to describe the Folsom Street Fair except as a sort of one day Burning Man for the BDSM crowd.  It’s a chance for all types of people to come together for a day and share their kinks with no judgement (well not much).  It’s not perfect because of all the tourists who just come to gawk, but the majority of attendees are wearing their colors, costumed in some interesting/weird way or showing lots of skin, tattoos and piercings.

The longer you live in San Francisco, the more you begin to accept alternative realities. There’s a reason “Westward, ho!” was a battle cry for pioneers, and not just for people leading their hooded partners around by a leash down Folsom St. People come here from more repressive parts of the nation and globe to reinvent themselves, and to be free. As a result, the fair is an adult-only event celebrating alternative sexuality.  This was the 29th annual fair and it continues to attract a huge crowd. For a slide show, click on photo above.

Falcon & Raging Stallion Studios VIP Party

The incredibly sexy Derek Parker

The Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios VIP Party was a huge success.  Mezzanine was packed with fans and the studios’ porn stars.   Trenton Ducati, Jason Michaels, the incredibly sexy Derek Parker, Leo Forte, Christopher Daniels, James Ryder and Element Eclipse danced for fans during the party and some of them also appeared on stage with Erika Schiff.  Click on the photo above for more.

Mr S Store Party – Folsom Edition

Mr S Leather held their annual in-store party the day before the Folsom Street Fair and the place was packed with guys from all over the world, porn stars, friends and the very helpful employees of Mr S.  It was all hands on deck as guys snapped up the latest gear to wear out to the many parties and of course the Fair itself.  Several vendors were on hand as well to answer questions and demonstrate their products.  Scott from SquarePeg Toys was on hand and the maker of the Fat Boy cock sheath by Perfect Fit Brand was there.  The lines to check out and for the free beer were very long all day, but everyone was having a good time and no one seemed to mind.  For more photos of the party, click on the photo above.