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Dore Alley 2015

Some Men Photography

Talk about a hot day!  It was very warm in SF on Sunday for Dore Alley and when it’s warm, that means the men wear very little. There was lots of skin and leather to look at and here are some examples for you to look at.

Mr S Leather Store Party – Dore Alley Edition


It was madness and mayhem at Mr S Leather, as tons of guys showed up to shop for something to wear the next day at the Dore Alley Street Fair.  Here are the photos from Some Men Photography.


Flagging in the Park – Robbie Leslie


Whatever their age, race, sexual orientation, etc, everyone loves Flagging in the Park.  Whether participating, just watching or in my case photographing, it’s one of the best events in San Francisco. It is always a pleasure and I hope that my photos convey some of the joy that can be felt at this event.  Here are the photos>