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What’s Your Fetish?

Brandon is sexy as hell in his gear.  He likes Rubber Wear, Pup Play and Fisting!  New photos of Brandon coming soon.  He’s getting some new gear and wants to show it off.  Do you have some new gear that you want to show off? Send me an email and let’s schedule a photo shoot with Some Men Photography!img_2414

Folsom Street Fair 2016


The word for the day at the Folsom Street Fair was “shade”.  Not the kind you throw, but as in get out of the direct sun.  It was a scorcher out there.  Even with the temps hovering in the upper 80’s to low 90’s, kinksters of all types came to celebrate and hang out with friends.

Organizers said more than 300,000 leather aficionados made it to the 33rd annual leather-loving, BDSM-loud-and-proud fair. Most stripped off their street clothes as soon as they passed through the entrance gates. Folsom is the place where everyone’s free to be who they want to be. Its a celebration of all things sexual.  The fair annually draws visitors from around the world, and is the third-largest street event in California, after the Tournament of Roses Parade and the San Francisco Pride parade. Each year, net proceeds from Folsom Street Fair, including gate donations and beverage sales, are given to qualified local charities (“beneficiaries”). These include charities working in public health, human services, and the arts, as well as beverage partners. The event regularly generates over $300,000 annually for charity.

Here is a link to this year’s batch of photos from Folsom.  If you were there, take a look and if you missed it, take a look to see some of the sexiness and craziness that is the Folsom Street Fair. If you want to keep up with what’s happening in the leather community here a couple of great resources, The Leather Journal and if you are on Facebook, join Race’s Bar.

San Francisco Gay Pride Parade 2011

Marching in the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade is a whole lot of fun, but it does mean getting up early to be down in the assembly area, well before the parade starts.  It also means you don’t get to see much of the parade, but the enthusiastic crowds more than make up for that.

This was my first time marching with the Leather Contingent and they are a great group to be with.  While the mainstream media continues to ignore us, everyone else was very welcoming.  From the cute girls giving free hugs to the hot guys giving a thumbs up, the crowds showed their love for Leather.

Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer on the marchers and also to those who took videos and posted them on YouTube.  To see more photos of the Leather Contingent and a few photos at the festival, click here.