Sonoma County Pride 2016


More contingents, more vendors, more fun sums up this year’s Sonoma County Pride 2016.  “United in Pride” was the theme as a diverse group from throughout Sonoma County came together to celebrate Pride.  The Pride Committee did a great job of putting on a fun and successful Pride Parade and Celebration. This was their top priority, but they also promoted working with other community groups and our local governments to address LGBT issues.

It was a great kick-off for the month of Pride.  To see all the photos, follow the link here.

Night Scenes

Here is a short video from the Fisting/Fucking scene with Brian Bonds and Drew Sebastian. My apologies for the the poor video quality. I was only allowed to use my smartphone, but you get the idea of what went on.  Enter SomeMen when prompted for the password.  (NSFW)

Folsom Street Fair 2015


This was the 32nd annual Folsom Street Fair and it was attended by an enthusiastic crowd of leathermen, drag queens, doms and subs, voyeurs, tourists and more.  I really wonder what brings the tourists.  Are they looking for information, or do they get off on being suburban suzie surrounded by all the kink?  As an example, there was a very hot muscled man, in just his tight fitting boxer briefs and boots with a couple of women and another guy.  His friends were all dressed in street cloths, so that made me wonder why they were at Folsom St.  I should have just gone up to him and asked.

Whatever brought the large crowd of around 400,000, it was lots of fun and the weather was perfect.  It was warm enough that if you wanted to be naked, it was very comfortable.  Here are some highlights from the day.


Boys, Beer & Gear – Folsom Weekend @ Mr S Leather


If its Folsom Weekend, then Mr S Leather is having an in-store party with lots of boys, beer and gear.  As the guys shop and enjoy themselves, lots of them just drop their pants and have a good time.  Here are the photos.

Best Buck of the Bay 2015 – Sunday


Day two of the rodeo was another great day of competition and fun. Here are all the action shots.

Best Buck in the Bay 2015

IMG_3373 IMG_3565

Hot cowboys and cowgirls from all over the US and Canada returned to Duncans Mills, CA for the Best Buck in the Bay 2015.  There were pool parties, night time parties, dances and of course rodeo!  The two days of rodeo were filled with events like, Bull Riding, Steer Riding, Chute Dogging, Roping Events, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and Flag Racing.  Only at a gay rodeo will you find events like Steer Decorating, Wild Drag Race and Goat Dressing.  The straight rodeos don’t know what they are missing.  These “camp events”  are my favorites and are so much fun.  The Goat Dressing even allows the community to participate.  Look through the album to see photos from these events.

Sunday Furry Sunday – Lazy Bear Weekend 2015


The largest pool party of the weekend was the culmination of a great Lazy Bear Weekend.  DJ Rotten Robbie provided the dance tunes for this party and no one was in a hurry to leave.  The weather was perfect and the everyone was having a great time.  Here are the photos.

Dore Alley 2015

Some Men Photography

Talk about a hot day!  It was very warm in SF on Sunday for Dore Alley and when it’s warm, that means the men wear very little. There was lots of skin and leather to look at and here are some examples for you to look at.

Mr S Leather Store Party – Dore Alley Edition


It was madness and mayhem at Mr S Leather, as tons of guys showed up to shop for something to wear the next day at the Dore Alley Street Fair.  Here are the photos from Some Men Photography.


Flagging in the Park – Robbie Leslie


Whatever their age, race, sexual orientation, etc, everyone loves Flagging in the Park.  Whether participating, just watching or in my case photographing, it’s one of the best events in San Francisco. It is always a pleasure and I hope that my photos convey some of the joy that can be felt at this event.  Here are the photos>