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Dore Alley 2015

Some Men Photography

Talk about a hot day!  It was very warm in SF on Sunday for Dore Alley and when it’s warm, that means the men wear very little. There was lots of skin and leather to look at and here are some examples for you to look at.

Mr S Leather Store Party – Dore Alley Edition


It was madness and mayhem at Mr S Leather, as tons of guys showed up to shop for something to wear the next day at the Dore Alley Street Fair.  Here are the photos from Some Men Photography.


Dore Alley 2014


As the Lady Gaga song Boys, Boys, Boys says, “I like you a lot, lot, think you’re really hot, hot!”   Yes, the boys, leathermen, pups, bears, cubs, etc., were all hot, hot! For a slide show click on the link, hot, hot!

Up Your Alley 2013


Brue with his pup, Cockpit.

The Up Your Alley or Dore Alley Street Fair was filled with butts and nuts of all shapes and sizes.  I managed to photograph a few of them and have included them in a slide show of hot and hunky men having fun at the fair.  Every year the fair gets better and better, with tons of events going on all weekend and culminating in the Dore Alley Street Fair.  Actually there are a number of events that happen after the fair, so you could have partied well into Sunday night.  I am sure there were lots of men who did.  To check out the slide show, click here.