LA Pride 2012

With a reenergized vision that included a vibrant pool party, top name talent on two stages, 5 dance venues and the colorful Pride Parade, LA PRIDE for 2012 shattered attendance records with well over 400,000 in West Hollywood for the parade.   Molly Ringwald was the Grand Marshall this year while The Trevor Project was selected as the 2012 Community Grand Marshal.  With an army of volunteers across the country, The Trevor Project’s life-saving services, like the Trevor Lifeline are always there when a young person needs to talk live because they are facing a crisis or considering suicide. The organization also manages TrevorChat, a secure instant message service allowing young people to connect with a counselor online, and TrevorSpace, a social network specifically for LGBTQ teens and young adults with 32,000 members from 128 countries around the world.  For photos of the parade and festival, click on the photo.


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